Monday, 25 March 2013

Pursuing the Illusive


© Following the light 
Oil on canvas 80 x 80

I come from an area in the South West of England where many of the narrow country lanes wind their way through overhanging tunnels of trees.  No matter what the season, these tree tunnels with the sunlight filtering through their branches have a very special atmosphere and provide a subject that frequently draws me back.

I am working at present on a series of three tree tunnel canvasses and as on previous occasions the effect I am after is proving illusive. This is largely because I have an idea in my head of exactly what I want to achieve and that is somehow not reaching the canvas.  It is a lot less frustrating not to have such a clear image in the head when starting out on a new piece, but on the other hand I have a goal in mind with this that I suspect will keep me going for another year or two!

The lattice work and patterning of the tunnels in winter is similar to the work I do on groups of trees standing stark against the horizon, but come the summer the tunnels take on a completely different identity that is more secretive and magical.  They are leading you on a journey to a special hidden kingdom or perhaps a promised land.

© Still Searching 
Oil on canvas 80 x 80