Sunday 31 January 2010

Drawing an Important Part of the Process

Drawing is really important in my work.  I find the process of drawing is all absorbing, meditative and  informative, helping me to really focus on the subject and the elements which are going to be important in the painting.  It helps me get right into the subject, delving below the surface.  It also helps to highlight the patterns in nature which are a key element of my work.  I like to take the drawing back to the studio and use it as a reference for the painting. This gives my imagination an opportunity to flourish.  If I paint outside I find the work becomes staid.

Here are some examples of my drawings. I always work in pen and ink on cartridge paper, enjoying the flexibility of the pen as I hatch the shapes. The first drawing below is one that is waiting to be used for a new painting.   I really like the abstract quality of this mountain peak so I am looking forward to working on it. The others have now been used for paintings that can be seen in my previous blogs - work that has been completed in the past two months.

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