Saturday 5 March 2016


 Two paintings in the new © Flight of Fantasy series

It's been far too long since I put type to paper!  I've been writing the odd article for a magazine for Dorset Artists, but other than that over the past few months I have been focusing on my work, exploring new directions and finding ways to avoid the pitfalls of my work becoming stale.  Before this recent push I was very stuck and I really wasn't enjoying my time in the studio, but once I realised that I had fallen into the trap of painting to my market that explained why I was no longer enjoying the process.  Last Autumn with that in mind I began work on a series of paintings that have been more experimental - a transition to some work that is a little more surreal and I have been trying to move forward with more along the same lines.

Needless to say, not all of the work that I have produced since then has come out quite as I hoped. But I think I am finding the dream like quality that I want for most of the paintings that I am producing. I am definitely happier with the quality of the paint and a sense that I am continuing to experiment.  The two above were  the turning point. You can see a lot more of the new work on my website:

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