Friday 3 February 2012


 © All is safely gathered in
Oil on canvas 80 x 80

I have been taking a holiday from my blog over the past few months.  I needed to re-think where I was going with my painting. Somewhere along the line I had forgotten how to enjoy myself in the studio and so over the past few months I have been putting so called ‘artistic integrity’ on one side and simply having a good time!

One of the first routes back to this feeling of well being has been a journey of the imagination, conjuring up a character out of my childhood - an English West Country farmer going about his daily work on a big red tractor.  This farmer has now been joined by some sheep and gradually other members of the ‘village’ where he lives are appearing in my paintings.

© Walking the dog
Oil on canvas 80 x 80

It’s all a long way from the mountains I was painting last year, a nostalgic trip and to some extent a marriage between my painting and my children’s illustration work.  I hope what it has done is to create something that has a touch of humour that will reach out to the child in the viewer at a time when we could all do with a little more in our lives to make us smile.

© Burt's sheep

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  1. Beautiful work, Annie - so fresh and full of wonder.

    I can totally relate to coming out of hibernation. It's a good time of year for it, don't you think? Sometimes curling up in our little cocoons for a while lets the creative juices build up. Looks like yours are really flowing!